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Macaroni & Cheese

2 Boxes/bags Fusilli Pasta (spiral) or other shape (100 phe)
1 Can Campbell's Cheddar Soup (591 phe)
2 C liquid non dairy creamer (Rich's - 0 phe; others check phe) 
4 T Cambrooke Shake-n Cheese (96 phe) or 4 T Med diet cheese powder (128 phe)
1 C water



Cook pasta according to directions. Mix soup, mocha mix, powder cheese and water Cook until hot. Mix into pasta. Freeze in meal size portions (one cup disposable containers work well).

Tips - if cheese powers clump, mix them first with a few T cold creamer or water before adding.

Recipe makes approximately 4 C sauce which freezes well to add to individual servings or to split into 2 batches.  Sauce can also be frozen in ice cube trays and added to smaller pasta portions.

Yield: approx. 19 servings; Phe per recipe: 819 mg; Phe per 100 gm serving: 42 mg

Recipe from "Grandma Kathy".

Variations:  Sauce also works well with low pro rice for cheesy rice.   Add diced cooked broccoli or other veggies to rice or noodles.